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Programme of the FAMIMOVE Conference

Download the Programme of the Famimove Conference - Brussels, 24-25 June 2024.

Decision n. 37 of 6 April 2022 of Juvenile Tribunal of Bolzano recognizing in Italy the decision held by Ukrainian executive authority appointing a guardian for a group of Ukrainian children-orphans.
Decision n. 16703 of 20 June 2023 of the Corte di Cassazione (Italian Supreme Court) on the power of the Ukrainian Consul in Italy to appoint a guardian for a group of Ukrainian children
German Constitutional Court, Order of 1 February 2023, 1 BvL 7/18 [DE]

The Act to Prevent Child Marriages is incompatible with the German Basic Law due to the failure to address the legal consequences of the invalidation of child marriages concluded abroad and the lack of possibility for a marriage to be recognised as valid after the age of majority is reached

European Court of Human Rights, Darboe and Camara v. Italy, judgment No 5797/17 of 21.7.2022 [ECHR]

The judgment sanctions Italy for the violation of Art. 3 and 8 ECHR for placement of minors in adult reception centres in inadequate conditions for more than four months and for subjecting minors to age-assessment procedures